Om studentparlamentet

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What is the Student Parliament really? And why should you as a student be interested in student democracy? What is the difference between the Student Parliament and a student council?

The student democracy at NTNU consists of elected students at all levels, from each individual reference group for the individual topic to the central level at the university. At each faculty, there is a student council that deals with what concerns students at the specific faculty. All faculties have a student council that is led by faculty union representatives, and the same is at the departmental level where you have departmental union representatives.

Which cases are dealt with depends on the content of the case. If you are dissatisfied with the syllabus in a topic, the reference group is the right place to address this. Institutional union representatives are responsible for following up issues that deal with the framework of your program of study. Faculty union representatives follow up the departmental union representatives and are responsible for what happens at the faculty level. The Student Parliament is the central part of the student democracy and addresses issues that apply to all NTNU students. This can be, for example, study regulations, campus policy and the learning environment.

The Student Parliament is the supreme student democratic body at NTNU and consists of 25 representatives from the entire university who together decide the students’ policy. The Working Committee.The Student Parliament consists of 6 members who together will front this policy and these 6 each have their own areas of interest. The working committee is bound by the Student Parliament’s policy.

It is actually YOU who decides who will represent you. Each fall, the representatives who sit in the Student Parliament are elected. All students at NTNU can vote and everyone has the right to vote.

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