he Institute representatives are here for you!
They are part of all councils and committees at NTNU.

  • Department of Health Sciences in Ålesund
    • Karina Enger Willumsen and William Kvalsund
  • Department of Marine Space and Construction Engineering
    • Sander Reitan and Oskar Sunde 
  • Department of Information Technology and Science 
    • Emil Nilsen and Maria Furmyr
  • Department of International Business
    • Elisabeth Falch and Thea Overvåg Tafjord
  • Department of Biological Sciences
    • Synnøve Dvergsdal and Amina Cemalovic


What does a department representative do?

The department representatives are hired by the faculties to act as the connection between them, the students, and the departments.

As a representative you attend meetings about every three weeks, give input to the department whenever they hire a new lecturer, forward what problems the students are facing at any given time, and get to be part of the amazing thing that is the student democracy, both in Ålesund and Trondheim.

As a department representative you have good relations to the student parliament and may join us in our social gatherings and excursions.

Department representatives are elected each semester, so there always are two from each department in Ålesund, if you want to run for election for this position you can do so here



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