Einar Isak Torvik Totland

I’m a hard worker and love being part of progress, innovation and purpose. Therefore I have participated in several student organizations to help make students education better, more reliable and targeted towards the students future. I enjoy to work towards making others see their potential and realizing it, all while having fun on the way! So is there anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to make contact 😁 After completing my bachelor of Marketing, innovation and leadership in the spring of 2021 I jumped straight into the role of president in the Student Parliament. I am particularly fond of Campus Aalesund and its fascinating influx of students and student organizations. I want to work to promote the students’ opinions, wants and needs to better it even further, while promoting the great student organizations that we have and their great work in creating a active and including campus. My hobbies include human interactions, as I am an extrovert of huge proportions, motorbike, kayaking, hunting, woodcarving and dogs. I also have 2 children together with my wife that I absolutely adore. I love meeting students and having a chat about anything and everything, in fact I welcome a break during the work day, so feel free to drop by my office if you would like to talk or have any likes or dislikes to share!




Product and systems design



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