Nomination week: we’re now accepting candidates for the working committee 2021/2022


Student Parliament will elect six students to work in the working committee for the next school year. The election will take place on Wednesday 14th of April in the Student Parliament meeting. This week every student can be nominated to run as a candidate for the working committee.  

The working committee (AU for short in Norwegian) works actively towards improving student life and representing the voice of the students in various councils and boards. The work usually consists of preparing cases for discussion in the Parliament, implementation of the passed cases, communication and organization of social activities.  

AU consists of these six positions: 

  • President (paid 100%, full-time) 
  • Deputy president (paid 30%, part-time) 
  • Executive of International affairs 
  • Communications officer 
  • Learning environment officer 
  • Sustainability officer 

There are no specific requirements or necessary experience for nominees, only interest in student affairs and will to work to improve the campus. 

You can fill out candidate form here

Or if you know someone who is just a perfect fit, you can nominate him/her here

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